Compass Rose Flight Map Stickers — 16 Pack

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  • 16x adhesive Compass Rose aviation map stickers for cockpit use
  • Transparent/clear design prevents flying charts from becoming cluttered
  • Visually mark key locations on topographical charts
  • Useful for both plane and helicopter pilots
  • Each sticker is a convenient 42mm diameter in size. 
  • Reusable 2+ times (dependent on the glossiness of the map).
  • An excellent VFR aid for aviation students undertaking their PPL(A), LAPL, PPL(H) and CPL. 
  • Tried & tested by flight students and instructors
  • All Compass Rose Sticker packs arrive in a protective plastic sleeve.

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Out of stock

Mark Key Locations

FlyGA presents a helpful flight navigational aid: a pack of 16 clear, transparent & adhesive Compass Rose aviation stickers. They’re specifically designed for flight navigation using topographical charts. The stickers enable both plane and helicopter pilots to visually mark key locations on flight maps — such as private strips, helipads or a balloon launch.

Each Compass Rose Sticker is 42mm diameter in size and can typically be reused 2+ times, dependent on the sticking surface. These VFR aids are perfect for those flying recreationally, or aviation students studying for their Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL), Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence (LAPL), or Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL).

Compass Rose Stickers are typically used in conjunction with the FlyGA Nautical Mile Ruler, or Diversion Ruler/Plotter. The 16-pack offers superior value for money compared with competing products from popular flight stores. They’re a useful addition to any Pilot’s flight bag.

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