Double Sided “Rnav” Pilot Plotter (All In One)

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  • Commonly known as “Radio Nav Plotter” or “Rnav Plotter”.
  • Includes a Compass Rose with 10 degree markers to make it easier to establish magnetic or true track baring, and plot a course on topographical maps.
  • All In One Rulers measure 50 nautical miles (NM) scaled at 1:500,000 (planes) and 25 nautical miles (NM) scaled at 1:250,000 (helicopters).
  • Outside edges on both sides include conventional protractor degrees.
  • Manufactured from clear flexible plastic with white printed scales, measuring 205mm x 65mm.
  • Developed to assist PPL, LAPL & CPL aviation students, as well as experienced pilots, in diversions and navigations under VFR conditions.
  • Built to the exact specifications of flight instructors & Private Pilot Licence (PPL) flight students.
  • All Double Sided Aviation Plotters arrive in a protective plastic sleeve.

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Designed for Pilot Diversions

The transparent, clear, sturdy Double Sided Pilot Plotter (Nautical Mile Scale) makes a great addition to your flight bag. It’s manufactured in clear flexible plastic with white printed scales, and measures 205mm x 65mm.

This Double Sided Plotter was developed to assist both aviation students and experienced pilots when flying using topographical charts under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions.

It simplifies pilot diversions during the Light Aircraft Private Pilot Licence (LAPL), PPL(A), PPL(H) or Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) courses.

Nautical Mile Pilot Plotter

Our Double Sided Plotter measures distances of up to 50 nautical miles scaled at 1:500,000 and 25 nautical miles scaled at 1:250,000. Both Plane and Helicopter Pilots can use it.

The outside edges of the ruler (on both sides) include conventional protractor degrees. This comes in handy for both the Planning and Diversion subjects of the Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) syllabus.

Compass Rose

Magnetic or true headings are obtained using the compass rose, with 10 degree markers. Simply align the horizontal centre line with desired track. It also assists students on corrections when off track.

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