Welcome to FlyGA — the startup specialising in helping you to obtain your PPL. We’ve just launched our first range of products, and we’re constantly developing new items especially for pilots. In case this is your first visit, here’s what we’re all about…


Helping You To Obtain Your PPL

Fly General Aviation — ‘FlyGA’ for short — was formed to help you become a pilot.

We don’t run our own flight school. We’re here to point you in the direction you need to go if you want to begin flying. Right from the very beginning of your journey we provide you with the information, guidance and specialist products you need to succeed as a PPL student.


Our Own Range Of Products

Our growing range of products were designed by PPL Students & Instructors, and are sold exclusively by us. We promise to keep our products at lower prices than our competitors.

Rest assured that everything purchased from FlyGA is speedily dispatched directly from Amazon. This also means you’ll benefit from FREE delivery on orders over £20. You won’t find better value elsewhere.


Aviation Content For Beginners

FlyGA’s main contributors have 5+ years experience in flying. We know what it takes to become a pilot, and understand the challenges you’ll face.

In the future we hope to film flight tutorials, as well as review a variety of aviation products on the market. We’re aiming to eventually publish a stream of aviation content to guide both new and existing pilots.


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