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PPL(H) — An Alternative Or An Addition? [By Tiger Helicopters]

When most people talk about obtaining a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL), the default tends to assume that this will be done on a fixed wing aeroplane. Planes have been around a while longer than helicopters, so perhaps this is natural. Attempting to change a well-established thought process will be no mean feat! However here’s a …

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A Quick Tour Around The FlyGA Website

We want to become the starting point for learner pilots in the UK. So we’re making every effort to build out our collection of tools & resources — including the Flight School Finder, Aviation Products — and the Resources section that you’re on right now. The contributors of FlyGA draw from their own aviation experience & knowledge …

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The EASA Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Explained (Course Information)

If you haven’t yet read our Introduction to Flying, then we recommend giving it at least a precursory browse. What follows is a Q&A outlining precisely what’s involved in the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course from start to finish.   What Is The Private Pilot Licence (PPL)? PPL stands for ‘Private Pilots Licence’, and it’s effectively the aviation equivalent …

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Flight Performance & Planning — EASA PPL(A) Subject

As a pilot it’s imperative that have a clear perspective of your aircraft’s capabilities. It’s crucial that you know how well — or how badly — your aircraft is performing during the different phases of flight. By studying flight performance & planning during your PPL(A) you’ll learn to understand the performance potential and limitations of your aircraft.   Recommended …

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