How To Easily Calculate The Fuel Burn Of A Cessna 152

Are you looking to quickly and easily calculate the fuel burn of a Cessna 152? Do you need a Cessna 152 fuel burn chart? If so, then you’re in the right place!

The white FlyGA Cessna 152 Fuel Burn Calculation Ruler is a unique, multi-purpose flight situational awareness tool. This handy nautical mile ruler informs the Pilot In Command (PIC) on his fuel status under VFR conditions. It’s the perfect tool for those undertaking their Private Pilot Licence (PPL), or Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) using a Cessna 152 — particularly in the Planning & Navigation legs of the syllabus. 

So how exactly does the Cessna 152 Fuel Burn Calculation Ruler work?


Using the Cessna 152 Fuel Burn Calculation Ruler

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The features of the Cessna 152 Fuel Burn Ruler are self explanatory:

  • A key in the upper left corner indicates that the white rows of the centre table signify “Mins After Take Off” and black rows show “Fuel remaining (Litres)”.
  • The table enables pilots to quickly read off Litre figures for the fuel remaining (against time flown), up to 240 minutes after takeoff.
  • Pilots are reminded of Cessna 152 figures used for the calculations. This is shown just above the top side of the centre table.
  • A table at the bottom of the ruler reminds pilots of the units required to convert their remaining fuel figures into different units. This way the ruler remains uncluttered.
  • In order to utilise all available space, a ‘FREDA’ reminder is boldly shown in red text — a useful addition for beginner pilots.
  • The outer length of ruler measures up to 55nm in 1:500,000 scale. Therefore it doubles up as a scale map ruler for use on topographical charts. The practical length fits perfectly into flight bags.

If you’d like to buy the FlyGA Cessna 152 Fuel Calculation Ruler (Nautical Mile Plotter), then check out the Amazon product listing.


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