Flight Experiences / Introductory Flying Lessons (UK Only)

Interested in flying, or know someone else who is? I recommend booking an introductory flight lesson (or “flight experience“), where you’ll take over the aircraft and learn to fly for the very first time. Then it’s over to you to decide whether flying is something you want to pursue further.


Where Do I Book My First Flying Lessons or Flight Experience?

Contact your Local Flight School

By no means do you need to book an introductory flight lesson through our recommendation. You always have the option to contact your local flight school and enquire about their experiences, or introductory lessons. Usually a quick telephone call does the trick.

But what I will say is that many flight schools are accustomed to offering set courses opposed to single lessons. Single lessons or “flight experiences” may not be their expertise. You should make it clear that you’re only after an introductory lesson, and aren’t ready to commit yet. Try to gauge whether or not you think they’re suitable (and flexible) enough to offer you a good enough ‘taster’.

If you’d like to continue learning at a flight school after your introductory lesson, read this post for advice: Find Your Local UK Flight School — Start Learning!


Book from Buyagift

Buyagift offer lessons at many reputable UK flight schools. Their rates are fair, and their flying lessons cram in as much experience possible into the time allocated. Plus they make great gifts, too (obviously).

At Buyagift you purchase a ‘flight package’. This is safety certified and especially formatted for beginners. Whilst your package isn’t catered to your exact requirements, it’s still a very exciting all-round experience and ‘taster’ of flying. I think this route therefore offers more certainty about what you’re getting than if you decided to find an introductory lesson yourself.

Flight courses are conducted by experienced pilots that guide you through your first flying lesson. Ranging from super-short 30 minute introductory lessons to a full 60 minute flying course, Buyagift offers flying lessons to suit every budget and occasion.

Additionally, there are a number of different vehicles available. You can take helicopter lessons — or even a microlight flying experience. There are almost 200 UK flying lesson locations so getting there won’t be a long haul either.

Take a look at the options available — and enjoy your first experience of flying!

Flight Experience Introductory Flying Lessons UK

Book A Flight Experience


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I think what your suggestion offers is a nice “polished” package for the absolute beginner. Especially suitable as a gift, or just a bit of fun. If you shop around you can find other flight experiences elsewhere as well.


If you’re looking to for a ‘well-rounded’ taster session, then it’s great. It’s also very well priced.

Local flight schools will usually cater something to your requirements as well. This is arguably one step closer to learning how to fly – but costs vary.