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Looking for a local UK Flight School? Whether you’re looking to obtain your PPL(A) or to extend your existing licence, we’ve got the most extensive & up-to-date directory of aviation contacts.

Note: FlyGA doesn’t promote specific flight schools. We only encourage new pilots to locate one which meets their budget and specific requirements.

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I Want to Know More about Flying Before I Start Lessons

Sure. Just have a read over our Introduction To General Aviation & Flying. This will provide you with all the basic information you need to know as an absolute beginner. The Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) is the first step of the journey, and the area we specialise in.


What Should I Look for In a Flight School? What Makes a Good Flight School?

One of the biggest factors in deciding on a flight school is the cost. The cost of an aviation course varies enormously between different flight schools — so you have to shop around.

We’ve written a post about the various costs involved in learning to fly. It’s an important read for anyone new to aviation: How Much Does It Cost To Become A Pilot? What’s The Cost Of Learning To Fly?

There are of course other key considerations you should make when choosing your flight school, such as:

1. Location

You need to identify a local flight schools. The school must be easily accessible from where you live or work. Always keep transport costs (to/from the airfield) in mind, too.

2. Reputation

Check reviews of flight schools online. Try to get an idea of each school’s accreditation and safety record. You could even search for the individual flight trainers at each school to see if you discover anything you like/dislike about them.

Also… try not to judge flight schools on the quality of their website alone. Many aviation websites are in serious need of modernisation! A old-looking website doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad school.

3. Facilities & Courses

Request information from flight schools about their services — including the training syllabus you’re interested in (e.g. the LAPL or PPL). Find out about their programs, facilities (e.g. planes), philosophy and anything else that you feel is important for your aviation school search. Usually you can phone the flight school directly to arrange a meet up, or introductory lesson.


I Already Have My PPL. What Next?

You’ll need to ask your flight school whether they offer the specific course you want. In many cases they’ll tend to your requirements.

Unsure on the next phase(s) of your licence?

Take a look at the below diagram to recap. To learn more about what’s involved in each specific phase, we recommend reading posts from the Beyond the PPL section of our Pilot’s Blog.

I Run a UK Flight School that Isn’t Listed on the School Finder

Please contact sales@fly-ga.co.uk with your business name, address, website, email and contact number. We’ll list it asap.


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Can you recommend the best flight school around the north London area?


Feel feel to check out the flight school finder here: https://fly-ga.co.uk/flight-schools/

There isn’t really any specific school that I could personally recommend in North London, especially as most schools are outside of London. Not far from North London are some well-known airfields such as North Weald, in Essex. I suggest looking around that area.