Flight Safety
Flight Safety Resources For General Aviation

Aside from your training, there’s many flight safety initiatives & regulations. Learn more about these from the resources below…


General Fight Safety

There are specific organisations dedicated to providing General Aviation safety information.



This is a very important aspect of flight safety. Airspace rules and regulations aim to reduce the number of airspace infringements.

An example of an airspace infringement is when an aircraft enters airspace without permission or coordination.  Reducing such scenarios is one of the key areas of work for the joint CAA/NATS and MoD Airspace & Safety Initiative.

  • UK Airprox Board: where to file a report if a pilot (or controller) feels two aircraft have come into conflict where safety was compromised. These reports are available to view.
  • FlyonTrack: provides advice and radar replays of infringement incidents for pilots to learn from.
  • Airspace Safety: provides useful advice and other resources on their website. This includes videos on flight safety around London airspace. They also provide listening-out ‘Squawks’ —  tools that are designed help reduce infringements.
  • UK Aeronautical Information Publication (UK AIP)provides NOTAMS, charts and airfield information for the UK.
  • Sky Demon Light: provides online flight planning facilities.



Forecasts and warnings help pilots to make safe, informed decisions about their day to day activities.

  • UK Met Office: provides weather information specifically for GA pilots.



The CAA handles the directives responsible for specifying the airworthiness of aircraft.


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