Flight Simulator Experience
Flight Simulator Experiences (UK Only)

Want to experience flying without ever leaving the ground? Or want to ‘fly’ a plane beyond your experience level? A flight simulator experience is as realistic as it gets. It also has many benefits over a regular, ‘real’ flight experience


Where Do I Book A Flight Simulator Experience?

Search Online

I suggest Google searching “flight simulator near me” or “flight simulator near [your local area]”. Most flight schools don’t have their own simulator, but there are plenty of them dotted around the UK.

I recently found and used one in Cambridge. I loved it there. The instructor was incredibly helpful and even went as far to to give me some free time at the end. I think there’s a lot to be said for using a smaller (less corporate), local flight simulator centre, as the people running it are just as much of an AVGeek as you are!

But like everything, you have to shop around for the best deal. Rates vary depending on the time you get on the simulator.

Book from Buyagift

Buyagift offer flight simulator experiences at many reputable UK flight centres. Their rates are fair, and their flight simulator sessions cram in as much experience possible into the time allocated. Plus they make great gifts, too (obviously).

At Buyagift you purchase a ‘flight simulator experience’. This session is especially made for beginners. There’s a huge offering of several popular planes, making for an exciting and highly realistic experience. Flight simulators take you the nearest you’ll get to really flying planes such as the Boeing 737. In fact, the experience is so accurate that the same simulators are used to train commercial pilots.

For aviation students Simulators are a great way to fly planes that wouldn’t be able to normally — until you work all the way through the ranks. You can try things you wouldn’t usually do in real life. Plus simulators bring the additional benefit of no fuel costs or landing fees (hence why they they’re cheaper than real flight experiences.)

Don’t be put off by the fact that a flight simulator isn’t “real life”. ranted you don’t feel the pressure of flying with genuine risk — but there’s so much more flexibility. It offers greater control, because everything is your own choice. For example, you can set:

  • What airport to take off from
  • Where to land
  • The weather conditions
  • The time of day

It’s all down to the pilot (you). A friendly co-pilot (the instructor) will help arrange of your preferences before you set off. It’s an excellent way to learn — and it’s safe!

So why not begin in Hong Kong, London or Las Vegas and fly through a storm, the brightest sun or snow?

Every flight is completely individual and will teach you real piloting skills.

Book A Flight Simulator Experience


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Can you recommend any other companies that do flight experiences in the UK? I’m interested in going back to the same one a few times, opposed to having a one off introductory-type deal.


Yes, I can recommend:


You may have heard of those already. Unfortunately they’re location dependent (particularly the latter).