aerobatic certificate course
Aerobatic Certificate/Course (Rating)

The aerobatics course provides the training needed to qualify for the AOPA Aerobatic Certificate. There are 3 courses: Basic, Standard and Intermediate. Due to the risks involved in Aerobatics, this course emphasises good airmanship and safety. Students are taught to understand both human and aircraft limitations.


Aerobatic Certificate Course Requirements

You do not need to be a qualified pilot to receive aerobatic training.

Non-qualified pilots are advised to try an Aerobatic Trial Lesson before beginning the course. Qualified pilots usually discuss their requirements with a flight school in order to determine a suitable level of training.

The course length varies:

  • No previous aerobatic experience: a minimum of 8 hours flight time, and 8 hours of ground instruction.
  • Previous aerobatic experience: it’s possible to achieve the required standard in less time. Your instructor can advise you about this after your first flight.


Aerobatic Certificate Course Structure

The course syllabus is as follows:

New Skills:
  • Slow flight: level, climbing, turning and descending
  • Combination Sequences
  • Loops
  • Spins and Precision Recoveries
  • Stall entries
  • Recoveries from various flight attitudes
  • Engine/airframe: knowledge of limitations / safety aspects
  • Pre-flight procedures
  • Advanced (maximum rate) turns
  • Stall Turn
  • Aileron Roll
  • Barrel Roll
  • Slow Roll
  • Roll off the top of a Loop


Other Information:

The typical cost for the basic course, including landing fees, is around £1,800+.

I recommend that you enquire with your flight school about:

  • Membership fees
  • Additional flying hours (usually charged at the normal rate)


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