Tailwheel conversion course Aircraft General Knowledge
Aircraft General Knowledge — EASA PPL(A) Subject

The PPL(A) Aircraft General Knowledge course is theoretical and covers the essential components of a modern light aircraft. Learning the basics of an aircraft’s electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems, as well its engine and instrumentation, are all part of the syllabus.


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Aircraft General Knowledge PPL(A) Overview

The course teaches the systems needed to fly an aircraft efficiently and safely, whilst exercising proper care of the airframe.

The module touches on the aerodynamic aspects taught in Principles of Flight. But this time students learn more on how aircraft are put together, and how the mechanical & electrical parts work. For example, you’ll learn how an altimeter works (in principle), which gives you a clearer idea of how variables such as changing air pressure and temperature can affect its accuracy.



The PPL Aircraft General Knowledge examination has 16 multiple choice questions which must be answered within a 35 minute time limit. The minimum pass mark is 75%.


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