Flight Instructor Course Rating
Flight Instructor Training Course (Rating)

Flight Instructor is the course that enables PPL holders to teach flying. Most flying schools require you to hold this rating before they’ll employ you as an instructor. With this Rating you’re allowed to instruct PPL(A) students — but cannot be paid unless you hold a commercial licence.

The Flight Instructor Course is regarded as one the most enjoyable courses. Many flight students choose to undertake this course before doing their Instrument Rating. It’s a good way to gain more experience, and to boost confidence.

There are 2 main types of flight instructor course. Which one you choose depends largely on what you intend to do with your rating:

  1. Flight Instructor Course, or
  2. Class Rating Instructor Course


Flight Instructor Course Requirements

To undertake the Flight Instructor course you must have the following:
  • Have 200 hours total flight time
    • 150 hours PIC
    • 30 hours Single Engine Piston (SEP) minimum
    • 5 hours in the 6 months before the course start date
  • Pass CPL/ATPL theory exams
  • 20 hours VFR PIC in SEP aircraft
  • Completed a 300nm qualifying cross-country
  • 10 hours IF (maximum 5 hours in a simulator)
  • Pass a pre-entry assessment flight with an FIC instructor


Flight Instructor Course Structure

The Flight Instructor Certificate allows the holder to give flight instruction to students for the PPL(A). Once qualified, privileges can be extended to different courses as required.


  • 5 hours dual training (around £200 /hr)
  • 20 hours dual training (around £200/hr)
  • 5 hours mutual flying  (around £105+ /hr)
  • Ground school (125 hrs+*)

Flight Instructor Courses typically last 6 weeks (full-time).

The minimum ground school requirement for this course is 125 hours. 85 hours with an FIC instructor and 40 hours self-study.


Other Information:

Additional fees:

  • Landing fees (check with your school)
  • Course deposits
  • Skills Test Fee (currently around £260)
  • Aircraft hire for the test (expect £150+ /hr)

Other considerations:

  • 30 hours is the minimum FIC training requirement laid down by the Competent Authority.
  • It is beneficial for candidates to be trained in pairs.


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