Mr-1 Diversion Ruler (Plotter) PPL
How To Use The FlyGA Diversion Ruler/Plotter (Tutorial)

The MR-1 Diversion Ruler/Plotter was developed to assist both student and experienced pilots in navigation under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions. It makes flight diversions easy.

It’s the perfect tool for aviation students undertaking their Private Pilot Licence (PPL), or Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) — especially if you’re getting towards the end of your navigation experience (see Navigation — EASA PPL(A) Subject).

So how exactly does the FlyGA MR-1 Diversion Ruler work? It’s actually very simple to use. We’ll explain…


Step 1: Use The Compass Rose To Establish True Baring

The Diversion Ruler’s transparent 50mm Compass Rose includes 5 and 10 degree markers.

Simply place the Compass Rose over the adjoining lines of the marked-out route in order to determine the baring. Be sure to correctly position the Diversion Ruler in the North direction.

In the below example, the baring is 045 degrees.

Note: this doesn't account for wind. You'd need to adjust accordingly.


Step 2: Measure The Length Of The Route (In NM)

The Diversion Rulers are scaled at 1:500,000 (planes) and 1:250,000 (helicopters). You can measure up to 40 NM in distance.

For this step you simple need to measure the length of the straight line route for which you’ve established the true baring.

The route in our example is 34 NM distance.



Step 3: Use The Speed/Time Conversion Table To Estimate Journey Time

The Diversion Ruler’s speed/time conversion table (in the centre) takes away the need for mental calculations during the planning and diversion segments of the PPL syllabus. The table works for speeds from 70kts to 160kts up to a distance of 40nm. Importantly, this tells you the time, in minutes, that it takes to complete the journey.

All you have to do is look at the table and read-off whatever minutes figure aligns to the length (in NM) you measured in Step 2. Be sure to read from the row with the Knotts that are applicable to the plane you’re flying (e.g. 90 Kts for a Cessna).

In our example, the Diversion Ruler calculates that it’ll take approximately 26 minutes to fly 34 NM, using a Cessna (90 Kts).


MR-1 Diversion Ruler (Plotter)

Note: for longer routes you'd usually check the time it took to travel 1/2 the distance, and then update the remainder of the journey accordingly.


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If you have any questions then feel free to contact us.


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Got mine today 🙂
Nice ruler… and free delivery from Amazon too.


That’s great.
Amazon Prime customers automatically benefit from free delivery.
Without Prime, it’s a minimum spend a minimum of £20.

We’re also looking into creating a PPL(A) set that qualifies for free delivery.


Saw this on http://www.fortyfivehours.co.uk and thought i’d give it a go, seeing as you had a deal on. Good little product.


Pleased to hear it.

We regularly run promotions on our products. At the moment we’re offering 12 Compass Rose Stickers bundled with the MR-1 Diversion Ruler, free of charge.


I saw the version on amazon looks a little different to this one. Have you changed it?


Yes – we’ve updated the design a little bit. The latest version includes 1:250,000 scale as well as 1:500,000.

You’ll also notice the inclusion of rounded corners, as well as the new FlyGA logo… the finishing touches!