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Meteorology — Core EASA PPL(A) Subject

Weather affects flying. That’s why the PPL(A) course includes a specific examination in Meteorology. The subject aims to ensure that throughout their flying career, pilots make informed decisions based on prevailing or forecast weather conditions. All Pilots must understand weather theory and be able to interpret weather briefing forms or “documents”.


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Meteorology -- Core EASA PPL(A) Subject

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Meteorology PPL(A) Overview

Meteorology is a fundamental part of any pilot training. Pilots must understand how the weather influences aircraft operations. This is crucial for flight safety.

The learning objectives for the Meteorology examination require a sound understanding of the following:

  • The effects of pressure, density, and temperature in the atmosphere
  • Plane Stability
  • Cloud formation & precipitation
  • Wind (in relation to planing & operation)
  • Meteorological hazards, such as:
    • Thunderstorms
    • Icing
    • Wind shear
    • Turbulence.
  • The interpretation of meteorological messages, synoptic, and upper wind charts.



The PPL Operational Procedures examination has 16 multiple choice questions which must be answered within a 50 minute time limit. The minimum pass mark is 75%.


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