Structured Hour Building (HB) Course
Structured Hour Building (HB) Packages

Hour building packages are perfect for aviation students accumulating hours for commercial training. It gives PPL holders the opportunity to test and build their skills, whilst learning to fly more advanced aircraft. Some flight schools will help you to create your own unique hour building package.

Note: Structured HB isn't a requirement prior to starting commercial training. It helps pilots improve their flying, and to gain more experience before undertaking the next phase of their licence.


Hour Building (HB) Course Requirements

Before beginning the course you’ll need to hold a:

  • Current and valid SEP Rating
  • Current medical certificate


Hour Building (HB) Course Structure

Typical course structures include the following:
  • 100+ hours solo flying (around £150/hr)
  • Advice and guidance on how best to spend your time (catered from your flight school)
  • Fuel costs
Be aware that Landing and School membership fees are not always included in the price of a Structured HB Course.


Other Information:

  • If it is a long time since your last flight you will need to undergo a dual check with an instructor.
  • Most Hour Building students aspire to complete their Instrument Rating IR(A) & Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A) in the future.
  • At least 84 hours must be performed as Pilot In Command (PIC). This ensures that you meet the minimum 100 hours required for CPL flight test.
  • Hour Building typically starts at around £16,000.


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