Tailwheel conversion course Aircraft General Knowledge
Tailwheel Conversion Course (Rating)

Aircraft with a tailwheel take a little more finesse and practice to take off and land. Mastering the art of handling a taildragger is not too difficult — but it’s an important skill that requires specialist training.


Principles Of Flight PPL(A) Overview

On the Tailwheel conversion course you’ll become competent enough with your handling skills to get the (tailwheel) aircraft safely in and out of various landing strips. Upon completing the course you’ll be able to fly a whole new category of aircraft.


Other Information:

  • Courses are a standard 5 hours course where you’ll learn the skills needed to operate and solo a tailwheel aircraft.
  • Ground school may be included in your course. This is typically 3-5 hrs.
  • The tailwheel conversion course typically costs £800+, taking 2 days to complete.


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