Nautical Map Navigation Protractor (Square)

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FlyGA MR-1 Fuel Calculation Ruler (Plotter)


  • An essential flight navigation VFR protractor, for use on topographical charts (aviation maps)
  • 128mm transparent square design, with 0-360 scale on the outside edge. Reciprocal headings indicated inset.
  • Clearly indicates the centre point as well as locations NE, SE, SW, and NW on the corners.
  • Gridded in squares of 13mm (4 NM)
  • Meets the requirements of both plane and helicopter pilots — as well as marine boating & sailing captains
  • Sufficient for use in the the Planning & Navigation legs of the EASA Private Pilot Licence (PPL) skills test

An Essential Navigation Protractor — for Nautical Maps

The clear, sturdy FlyGA Square Map Navigation Protractor (square design) is an essential tool that will assist you in plotting journeys using topographical charts throughout your experience as a pilot or captain. The traditional 128mm square design fits perfectly into flight bags.

This classic Square Aviation Protractor is very popular at flight schools, and often preferred over the alternative circle design. It’s regularly used by aviation students studying towards their Light Aircraft Private Pilot Licence (LAPL), Private Pilot Licence (PPL-A or PPL-H or Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) under the EASA syllabus. It’s an equally useful protractor for marine, boating and sailing navigation.

The Square Aviation Protractor is often bought in conjunction with the Nautical Mile Scale Map Ruler. Note that orders surpassing the £20 threshold benefit from Amazon’s free delivery — making our aviation protractors the best value option on the market.

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Product Care Information

Note that as an extra layer of protection we apply a very thin film to the face of each acrylic product we produce. So if your product becomes unreadable or ‘very scratched’, you can remove this film to find a pristine surface beneath.

Although our products are made from high quality scratch-resistant acrylic, the surface can potentially become scratched after vigorous use or incorrect storage.

Just like with fine wood and metal, the surface of your acrylic piece should be protected from scratches and harmful agents. Always store it apart from other items that may cause heavy abrasion. We recommend using a spare compartment in your flight bag.

To clean your product, lightly wipe away dust with a soft damp cloth/chamois – or use a specialist plastic cleaning agent.

These products are reverse printed – therefore do not try to scratch the back of your product.

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