A5 VFR Pilot Log Pad (50 Page Plog) — 3 Pack

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FlyGA MR-1 Fuel Calculation Ruler (Plotter)


  • 3x VFR Pilot Log Pads (Plogs)
  • High quality print
  • Approximately 50 single-sided sheets per Plog
  • Pads fit into any aviation A5 Kneeboard, from any manufacturer
  • Includes space for flight planning, radio frequencies and en-route notes
  • Features a nautical mile scale at the edges of the page
  • Sufficient for use in the the Planning & Navigation legs of the EASA Private Pilot Licence (PPL) skills test
  • Built to the exact specifications of flight instructors & PPL students.
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Essential for every flight

The FlyGA A5 Pilot’s Log Pad (Plog) comes in packs of 3, and fits into A5 Kneeboards from any aviation manufacturer. Purchase the FlyGA VFR Plog Pads along with other items to benefit from free shipping from Amazon (on orders of over £20).

Each Pilot Log Pad is made up of approximately 50 single sided high-quality printed sheets. It offers plenty of space for flight planning, radio frequencies and en-route notes. The practical size makes it a popular purchase.

These VFR Flight Log Pads are essential for flight training and private flights in visual meteorological conditions.

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