Aviation Pilot Kneeboard (A5) – Military Style


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  • Military-style design, produced from black premium hard-wearing polyester fabric, and flexible plastic backing.
  • Fits standard A5 Plogs (Pilot Log books), including our own version. The clear map strap keeps charts secure.
  • 7 eyelets feature on one side of the kneeboard. These are useful for attaching checklists, printed approach plates, and folded maps.
  • Highly secure velcro strap, accommodating all sized legs. Moulds perfectly around your thigh while flying.
  • Includes 3x pen holders, a storage pocket, and signature embossed rubber FlyGA branding.

Pilot's Flying Log Book (Aviation Aircraft Logbook)

Military-style Design

Inspired by military products, the polyester fabric FlyGA aviation Kneeboard securely holds standard A5 Plogs (pilot logs) — such as the FlyGA fixed wing and helicopter Plogs.

Produced from premium, hard-wearing fabric. it’s one of the finest quality pilot kneeboards on the market.

Multiple Features

This fabric A5 Kneeboard offers several additional features including:

  • 3x pen holders and a neat storage pocket.
  • Clear map strap keeps charts secure during flights.
  • Seven eyelets along the side of the kneeboard, allowing pilots to attach checklists, printed approach plates and folded maps.
  • Firm velcro strap, offering maximum comfort for all leg sizes.

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