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Specifically designed for pilots to carry several items of important flight equipment

  • Made from 100% polyester. Highly durable and dust/stain resistant
  • Convenient size: 50cm length, 45cm width, 32cm height.
  • Two padded handles for comfortable transportation
  • Features external side compartment, suitable for storing a pilot headset

Pilot's Flying Log Book (Aviation Aircraft Logbook)

The Perfect Bag For Pilots

The FlyGA Flight Bag provides the perfect amount of storage space for student and experienced pilots. It’s specifically designed for carrying several items of essential pilot equipment such as a 1:500,000 or 1:250,000 map, rulers & protractors (such as the FlyGA MR-1), Plog, ADS-B receiver or small GPS, iPad or similar tablet, charging cables, a headset – and much more.

Produced from high quality durable polyester, the FlyGA Pilot bag is spacious yet convenient to carry, at (L) 50cm x (W) 45cm x (H) 32cm. It’s dirt and dust resistant, and very easy to clean. The side compartment provides quick access to your headset, electronic devices or other important accessories.

Run a flight school? For trade enquiries please contact sales@fly-ga.co.uk

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