Flight Navigation Set (PPL Aviation Starter Kit)


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Each PPL Navigation Kit includes:

  • MR-1 Flight Diversion Ruler. Measures 40 nautical miles (NM) scaled at 1:500,000 (planes) and 1:250,000 (helicopters). 
  • Square Protractor. 128mm transparent design, with 0-360 scale on the outside edge. Reciprocal headings indicated inset. 
  • Nautical Mile Ruler. Convenient length (255mm x 38mm) for cockpit use on topographical maps. 
  • A5 VFR Plog. Sufficient for use in the the Planning & Navigation legs of the EASA Private Pilot Licence (PPL) skills test.
  • 16x Compass Rose Map Stickers. Clear, transparent, VFR aids for cockpit use.

The typical RRP for the items in this Kit is £40.00 + P&P costs!

ReviewThe Best PPL Starter Packs (Flight Training Kits)

PPL Starter Kit (Aviation Set for Navigations) -- Pooleys, AFE, Flight Store

Essential Flight Equipment. Unbeatable Price.

This essential pack of aviation stationery is a must-have for student pilots undertaking the Private Pilot Licence (PPL), Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL), or Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) courses.

Several navigation tools are included in the Navigation Starter Kit: our unique Flight Diversion Ruler (with speed and time conversion table), a Nautical Mile Scale Map Ruler (60nm length), Square Aviation Protractor (128mm), a 50 page single-sided VFR Plog (which fits any A5 Kneeboard), and a pack of 16 Compass Rose Map Stickers (for visually marking key locations on topographical charts). All of these items fit perfectly into your flight bag.

This aviation Starter Pack would usually cost in excess of £40 — without delivery charges. But we’re offering our bundle at over 25% better value than the UK’s leading flight equipment suppliers with FREE delivery included. Next day delivery is available to Amazon Prime members.

All Aviation Starter Kits arrive in a compact plastic disposable pack.

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